SHELF LIFE | feat. Author Julianna Zobrist

Confidence is often a characteristic tossed about in conversation, and it’s pretty easy to find resources that offer their advice to keeping it cool and stepping out in bravery. But what does it truly mean to be grounded in who we are and fearless in our purpose for Christ? What if we explored the unique and bold ways about ourselves that could help us shed the fear and put on confidence when it isn’t easy? Could it be that our own individual gifts and quirks God has given us are the foundation of “confidence” that’s bigger than what the world says we should achieve?

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a book that went further into the topic, minus the typical clichés we hear in a variety of news sources and public opinion. This week I met songwriter/artist, model, and author of Pull It Off: Removing Your Fears and Putting On Confidence. Julianna Zobrist broke down the layers of living boldly into three parts: Authority, Identity, and Security.

What I loved about the message of Pull It Off, is that Julianna leads the reader to the concept that our confidence is not about us. Our hearts determine how we respond to our insecurities, fear, etc. and if we can grow in that practice, our confidence will encourage us to be more empathetic and understanding of others from the inside out.

I learned so much from what she had to say about “Redemptive Mindset,” “Emotional Laziness,” and more. We even talk about how this book is timely for the holiday season as we put perfection aside and enjoy the company of family, friends, and another year coming to a close.


Check out our conversation below, filmed at Hachette Book Group in Nashville!

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