The Catch

Last week a friend and I were leaving a show downtown. We decided our social outing couldn’t end without McDonald’s soft serve and fries. In a “car picnic” of sorts we discussed the danger of passiveness and navigating our expectations in the workplace. At one point we talked about maintaining healthy relationships (friends, family, etc.).

Without skipping a beat, my friend said, 
“The point of relationship(s) is not to become more desirable to catch one.” 

It was never intended for us to change so that people and opportunities are more drawn to us. The intention God had for us from the beginning was to become more like Him so that He could be the one desired by those around us.

Through a variety of experiences, I’ve realized my role as a content creator and the nature of who I am on a daily basis is to “encourage and provide hope.” God calls us to seek a purpose that molds us into someone other than who we “think we are” and so desire to be.

Outside my work in the music industry, I recently wrapped up a personal project called “The Waiting Room,” a series featuring people just like you, from all walks of life, who’ve taken their turn with patience.

In the last episode, one of my mentors, Dr. Sybril Brown enlightens us about the burden we feel in the waiting that comes from wanting to be in a place we’re not. From the moment we are old enough to dream of our future and place expectations on what we “thought” our life would hold, waiting begins to test our faith.

While therapeutic and purposeful, the release of each story felt uncomfortably heavy, bringing emotions to surface that are necessary to growth and acceptance. Asking guests to tell their stories from a raw place many of us don't like to go took an extra dose of courage and I'm thankful this project came together the way it did. 

There are times that while I’m providing help to those who are seeking comfort, I don’t always believe the messages I share for my own life. There are mornings I wake up and my mind becomes consumed with the burden of “what if’s” and “please help me let this go,” and I end up in swirling mode. Heck if we’re being honest, earlier this week I hit a few rough patches that led me to ask those questions. It’s been tough at times to dig myself out of that pit of disappointment and keep going. But I do it anyways because each day I have is a limited-time, non-refundable chance to move forward. The point of "eb and flow" is that we will be okay again

So here’s the catch to the perspective I’ve laid out for you above.

There isn’t one.

God doesn’t ask us to “catch up” in our career, relationships and personal progress to experience joy and fulfillment. In this world, joy and fulfillment come and go. He only asks us to invest in the time we have now in ways that honor Him. This means investing in the friends you have now, family you have now, job you have now so that when more comes along you can handle it and be prepared to grow even further into the plan He’s set for you. 

Waiting for “the catch” whatever that may be for you doesn’t lend itself as a season of limitation. It isn’t our permission to coast through life and shortcut the challenges.

I have to believe this because there’s no other choice. There’s no other choice than to wait, invest in the goodness around us and know that no matter what, we must "take a seat, take heart" and choose contentment over and over and over again

Let us give up our work, our thoughts, our plans, ourselves, our lives, our loved ones, our influence, our all, right into His hand, and then, when we have given all over to Him, there will be nothing left for us to be troubled about, or to make trouble about.
— James Hudson Taylor
Libby Oellerich