E01: Van Morrison Brings the Healing

The series kicks off with my dear friend Anya McIntosh, one of the first people I met when I moved to Nashville, almost 8 years ago. I was a student at Belmont University and she had just moved here from Kansas City, Missouri. I was recommended through a mutual friend to watch her pets while she traveled for work and since then our friendship has grown. A few things you should know about her - she’s a fiery redhead who will tell you like it is while simultaneously warming your heart with a healthy lighthearted perspective on the good and bad that life hands us. She is one of the most honest people I know. She will encourage you with a pep talk, loving those around her unconditionally or simply showing that she confident in who she is. Anya knows how entertain her friends with hilarious stories, a night out to see an '80s cover band or the perfect charcuterie board and wine pairing. But before I give too much away about her personality, let’s get right to the focus our conversation. 

When we first met, Anya was going through a divorce. Not knowing her too well at that point, I gathered that she was special person I needed to stay in touch with. She also travels home on a regular basis to care for her father who has been in hospice for quite some time. In the dining area of her kitchen, we discussed how waiting seasons lead us to let go of the expectations we put on our future as well as a variety of affirmations that helped Anya get through tough times. So what exactly does it take to train our mindset when we’re waiting for love or waiting with a loved one whom is suffering? We discuss over a bottle of rosé. Cheers. 

Photo captions left to right: Anya and I celebrating the weekend; Anya with her dad visiting family in France; Her grandparents, "Papie" and “Mamie" a their country house in France; Anya with her father and brothers in Davis, California; Anya with her parents in Lake Placid; Anya with her dad in Yonkers, NY; Anya and her pets in Nashville, TN; Anya with her best friends in Paris, France; Taking a stroll in Montmartre, Paris, France; Her grandparents, great aunts and uncles in France.

Libby Oellerich