E02: The Canoe and the Pendulum

Meet Nick Burnett and Chris Kinney, friends since childhood and natives of Louisville, Kentucky. I met Nick and Chris through mutual friends and they were early supporters of an entrepreneurial venture I pursued for a couple years. Nick and Chris understand both the difficulties and rewards that come with truly living out the Christian lifestyle in the modern era. While Nick shares stories he has turned to as encouragement for pressing on, Chris offers invaluable metaphors you can keep in your back pocket for moments of self-reflection and counteracting the world’s views of success. We talk about the time Nick waited in a boat for 36 hours in Peru, and how Chris’ career break taught him the importance of self-care and finding contentment outside the workplace.

In this episode, we discuss why leaning too heavily on career goals can be detrimental to our health and interactions with others.  Our waiting seasons often lead us to check in with our motives for success. Practicing patience ultimately re-centers our hearts to seek identity in the right areas outside our career and achievements. In a world that tells us to "do more to win more," it is often that the struggle reminds us of our lack of control and that our purpose in life is not just about our own journey. This was a fun and insightful interview to record and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.

Photo captions left to right: Chris and Nick in Peru; Chris Kinney; Nick Burnett; Chris with his mom, sister and fiancé; Nick with his dad and brother in Jackson Hole; Nick in Jackson Hole

Libby Oellerich