E07: Elvis Day (Part 2)

A year ago on this Father's Day Sunday, I recorded an interview for a "project" that hadn't quite materialized beyond its' series title. 
This was the last interview I recorded in 2017 before I picked up the pace on production for "The Waiting Room" in January this past year.

I can tell you that during this portion of the conversation with the Millers, I realized that I still had a lot of work to do in trusting God's provision. The entire time I was GLUED to their story, in awe of how their family came together. 

I've been thinking about the concept of "hope" lately and how God promises to answer our desires even if His version of said 'provision' is much different than we had planned. 

I grew up in a Christian home and heard everything there is to hear about trusting Jesus, leaning on Him, fixing my eyes on His promises, etc. and I'm thankful for that. But when life brings you the unexpected rough patches, you sometimes question if these phrases stand the test of the wait.

Hoping for what we want in life is not easy. And I'll be honest, praying for what I want is even harder than acknowledging hope from the get-go. I begin to think I'm praying for the wrong thing, or that the desires I have are either invalid or unattainable. These lies we tell ourselves about "not getting our hopes up" keeps us from communicating with God and fully trusting that He knows and He cares and He will.

E07: Elvis Day (Part 2 to E06) is a story about hoping beyond the disappointment we feel in the process. We reflect on the pain, joy and every emotion in between that waiting brought the Millers in starting a family. Jana describes the process of coping with infertility and the day she and her husband discovered their 8 years of waiting for children led them to provide as foster parents and eventually their own biological child.

Before I spoil the rest of this incredible story, Happy Father's Day and be sure to thank and love on your “father” or "father figure" whomever and wherever they may be.

Libby Oellerich