E04: Waiting Tables

Today you’ll hear from Jamie Floyd, songwriter, artist and overall heart of a person. We met working in the same music industry circle and I’m so thankful we’ve crossed paths. Songwriting and performance has been a part of Jamie’s life since she was a kid. Growing up in Florida, she committed most of her time to music which led her to score record and publishing deals at the young age of 11. Success often comes in waves and that has been the reality for Jamie. She holds a Grammy nomination to her name for “The Blade” recorded by Ashley Monroe along with sync credits to ABC’s Nashville. Most recently she has had 12 songs placed on the soundtrack of Burt Reynolds final film debut, The Last Movie Star. She and her Stranger Friends Band duo partner, John Martin just released the music video for their song,“Yet To Come,” which closes out the final scene of the film.

Jamie is a true testament to the journey that most if not all musicians experience before their big break. And she is still waiting for that big break. This interview was recorded last summer when Jamie reached a peak in her career and since then things have unfortunately gone sideways. But despite the changes that have happened since then, she continues to make appearances for The Last Movie Star, write and perform with some of the biggest names in music, and continue on without giving up. She I cannot wait for you hear the promises she’s made to herself about never forgetting why she chose music from the start. We touch on her career as a born to be musician, the setbacks she’s encountered and the powerful reminders that letting go of your purpose is never an option. 

Photos left to right: Jaime performing at Station Inn for Tin Pan South 2018; with Burt Reynolds at a radio promotion for The Last Movie Star; on set of The Last Movie Star filming; Jamie and John Martin with Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter; red carpet for The Last Movie Star Premiere; Jamie with her parents; with her father; waiting tables at Rolf & Daughters in the shoot for The Last Songwriter Documentary; on the set of The Last Songwriter Documentary; with NSAI’s Bart Herbison and songwriter Lee Thomas Miller in DC advocating for songwriters’; Jamie performing

Libby Oellerich