A Lift for Now & Later

If you’re reading this and are familiar with the series, SURPRISE! Just a few days ago I decided I couldn’t keep silent through the one year mark of “The Waiting Room” series. I’d learned some things along the way that I had to share with you while they were still on my mind. This whole TWR idea made its way into my path and I did the work. Then I put it on the back-burner, lived some more life, came back to it when it was screaming my name, and finally clicked “publish” with a heart of nervousness and relief. And here we are a year after the release and I just felt led to use my voice to bring hope to those who needed it today. This episode is close to 20 minutes of my waiting room perspective. No guest. Just me. I’m talking about what I learned and opening up to you in hopes that you will be lifted or can pass this on to someone who needs some solidarity. It’s honest, but it’s light. It’s emotional, but it’s real.

Take a seat. Take heart.
Welcome to “The Waiting Room.”



Libby Oellerich